Carol Vorderman banned from Countdown studios

Carol Vorderman is banned from the ‘Countdown’ studios and was told she was “never welcome” back.Carol Vorderman is banned from the ‘Countdown’ studios.

The 56-year-old presenter quit the Channel 4 quiz show in 2008 and is no longer welcome on the set, even being snubbed for milestones in the programme’s history.

Discussing Denise Welch and Carol McGiffin’s upset at not being invited to ‘Loose Women’s 18th birthday celebrations to OK! magazine, she said: “I wasn’t aware of it, but they should have been invited back – they were on it for over a decade.

“I was on ‘Countdown’ for 26 years and I’ve not been allowed back in the studio since.”I was told, ‘You’re never welcome here’. I have no idea why.”It’s a similar thing – why weren’t Caorl and Denise invited?

“After six months after I left ‘Countdown’, they had the 5,000th and I absolutely wasn’t invited. It’s not bitterness – I wish them all the best.”Life moves on, doesnt it? I love my life, I have a great time.”

Meanwhile, Carol – who has children Katie, 25, and Cameron, 20, with second ex-husband Patrick King – thinks it is “hilarious” that she is always “hit on” by women whenever she goes to the US.

She said: “This is going to sound really odd, but in America, the number o women who hit on me is odd.” get it again and again. They say, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to touch that booty.’ It’s like, ‘Yeah, help yourself’.

“It’s hilarious and it’s not a one-off, this happens all the time. It makes me laugh. Life’s never dull, is it?”But she doesn’t get the same attention in the UK.

She explained: “They go, ‘Oh, that’s Carol Vorderman, better leave her alone’. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but it’s funny.”

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